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18 Wheels of Steel Convoy Introduction

Take the wheel of a fast paced, high intensity trucking business. Start as a one man show, bidding on jobs, then build your fleet into an unstoppable convoy and deliver the goods. Grow your business and your fleet, but beware - your reputation is everything. Fail at a job or pass on the wrong offer and you'll find yourself haulin' manure!

Getting Started

To start 18 Wheels of Steeel: Convoy:

Double-click he 18 Wheels of Steel: Convoy icon on your desktop, or

Click Start -> Programs -> 18 Wheels of Steel Convoy -> Play 18 Wheels of Steel Convoy.

Main Menu

Main Menu Image

Key to menu features:

1Scroll menu left.
3Current Selection.
4Current Selection Description.
5Scroll menu right.
6Click to activate your current menu selection.
7If you do not wish to play anymore, click the Quit button to exit the game.

After a brief introduction sequence, you will be presented with the main menu, as shown above.

In the center of the menu, the New Game icon will be flashing.

Press the Enter key on your keyboard, to select this option.

To explore other options, use the Left and Right arrow keys to scroll to them, and press Enter to select.

Starting a New Game

After selecting the New Game option, there will be a brief pause as the game loads.

A message box then appears, reading Welcome to 18 Wheels of Steel: Convoy.

Use the mouse to click the flashing OK button, and read the messages that follows.

Click the OK button after reading each message.

Eventually, you will be asked to press Enter with the truck positioned over the mission indicator.

The mission indicator is the spinning yellow star icon, shown below.

New Game Image

Your truck will already be positioned over it, so just press Enter.

The 18 Wheels of Steel: Convoy tutorial will then begin. Just follow the on-screen instructions to learn how to play!

Note that if you do not wish to play the tutorial, drive instead to the green star icon, and press Enter


You can use the following keys to maneuver your truck:

Left Arrow ←Steer Left
Right Arrow →Steer Right
Up Arrow ↑Accelerate
Down Arrow ↓Brake
ESwitch Engine On/Off
Space BarEngage/Release Hand-brake
Left ShiftGear Shift Up
Left CtrlGear Shift Down
RCruise Control
TAttach/Detach Trailer


LHead-lights On/Full Beam/Off
[Left Turn Signal On/Off
]Right Turn Signal On/Off
FFour-Way Flasher On/Off

Other vehicle controls:

PWipers On/Off


1Inside Camera
2Free Rotate Camera
3Bumper Camera
4Top Camera
5Drive-by Camera
CCycle to Next Camera

Game Controls

EscShow Main Menu - see Main Menu
MShow Map - see Map

Note that you can change these controls to ones which you may feel more comfortable with, via the Control Options menu.

HUD - Heads Up Display

HUD Image

The above picture shows the in-game view, or HUD (Heads Up Display).

The various components of the HUD are labeled.

1Shows the current in-game time
2Shows how many trucks you have in the convoy (if any).
3 - Your AccountShows how much money you have.
3 - Police StatusThe larger the yellow bar, the less 'popular' you are with law-enforcement, and the more likely you are to be stopped for minor traffic offenses.
3 - Truck DamageThe more your truck gets damaged, the more useless it becomes. The size of the red bar indicates the state of the damage.
3 - Trailer DamageAny damage to the load will be deducted from your final pay.
4MiniMap - map of the local area. N indicates North.
5Dashboard Dials Shows RPM, speed, fuel tank, and lights status.

Office Manager

You can make use of your office manager to handle the paperwork of running your trucking business.

The Office Manager can:

To reach the Office Manager, simply press Esc and select the Call Office Manager (the mobile phone icon). You will then be presented with a menu of choices.

As you successfully complete jobs, you will be able to expand your business by hiring other drivers. Be sure to use the Office Manager to accomplish this.

Canceling the Current Job

To cancel the delivery contract of your current job:

Press Esc and select Cancel Current Job.

Select Yes to the Do you really want to cancel current job? question.

You will then have the option to retry the mission.

If you wish to retry, select Yes and you will instantly restart at the depot.

If you do not wish to retry, select No, and you will remain on the road, but without a cargo to deliver.

Using the Map

To access the Map, press the M key.

The map will appear. Choose features you wish to display or hide, by clicking next to the appropriate option.

Press M again to close the map.

Map image

Key to map features:

1You-are-here indicator.
2Click to zoom in/out on map detail.
3Click to return to the previous screen.
4Target point - you should aim to deliver your cargo here.
5Map features toggles. Click to turn various map features on/off.

Note that the various colored spots are also visible on the Minimap - see HUD Section.

The Showroom

Go to the the Showroom by selecting it from the Main Menu.

Map image

Key to showroom features:

1Scroll menu left.
3Current vehicle.
4Name of vehicle.
5Scroll menu right.
6View different paint-jobs.
7Go Back to Main Menu.
8Click to switch between trailers and trucks.
9If you do not wish to play anymore, click the Quit button to exit the game.

Things you will Encounter


Job Image

You will already be familiar with jobs from experience gained in the tutorial.

Position your truck over the icon, and press Enter to choose a new cargo delivery job!



Mission Image

To take on a special mission, position your truck over the mission icon, press Enter, and follow the on-screen instructions.


Gas Station

Gas Station Image

To refuel, position your truck over the refuel icon in the gas station, and press Enter.



Services Image

Got a damaged truck?

Position your truck over the service icon, and press Enter to get it repaired!



Hotel Image

To stay in a hotel, drive your truck over the hotel icon, and press Enter.


Truck Dealer

Truck Dealer Image

If you think you have enough cash to buy a new truck, call in to the nearest truck dealer.

Drive in, position your truck over the icon, and press Enter to see what they have for sale.


Truck Stop

Truck-Stop Image

Call at a Truck Stop-shop to buy new parts for your truck. There's a variety of engines, tires, transmissions, brakes and other accessories and paints with which to tweak and customize your truck.

Position your truck over the icon, and press Enter to visit the shop.



Customs Image

Make sure you stop on the customs icon when you reach it, otherwise you may have problems with the law!



Scales Image

You must allow your truck to be weighed at certain points along the highway. Be sure to pull off the road and stop on the icon, or risk paying a fine!


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